Q: When will Unreal Redux be released?

A: There is no release date right now. It’s done when it’s done.

Q: Is Unreal Redux a mod or a stand alone game?

A: Unreal Redux is a mod for the original Unreal. You also can play it if you don’t own Return To NaPali or Unreal Gold

Q: Will a rework of Unreal Return to NaPali be included in Unreal Redux?

A: Reworking Unreal Return to NaPali is not on my list. I only will update the original game.

Q: What version of Unreal do I need to play Unreal Redux once it’s released?

A: Right now Unreal 227k would be required.

Q: Are HD textures and HD skins compatible with Unreal Redux?

A: Yes! I keep using the original game textures so they can be replaced by it’s HD variant.

Q: Can I play Unreal Redux in co-op?

A: Unreal Redux will be fully compatible in co-op. There will be also some new optional gameplay features exlcusive for co-op.

Q: Will player, monster and weapon models receive an update too?

A: Sadly not. Unreal uses vertex mesh animations so updating the models would require a complete rework of the animation sets for each model.

Q: Does Unreal Redux run on older hardware and with 3dfx?

A: Support for older hardware like a 3dfx graphics card is not given anymore.

Q: What hardware do I need to play Unreal Redux smoothly?

A: An Intel Core I7 4790K @ 4GHZ, 16 GB of ram and a Nvidia GTX 970 is required by minimum.

Q: For what ever reason. I only see changed colors what else has changed?

A: The geometry of each level has been reworked and has much more details. Lighting has been updated to express better atmosphere. Levels, monsters and player weapons have new visual effects.