welcome to a new Unreal

Unreal Redux is a fan made project to remake the game Unreal which was released in the year 1998. This remake will stay close to the original game but will be enhanced with new features.

Unreal 1 was revolutionary for its time and the Redux version will transport the player back into the past to revive the unique feelings and emotions conveyed by the original game.

This remake is based and runs on Unreal Engine 1 which is extremely enhanced by the new oldunreal’s 227 patch. Therefore, the remake is able to catch the flair and atmosphere of the original Unreal while beeing improved with new visual effects and gameplay mechanics.

The insane weaponry of Unreal becomes more visually stunning than before and gives now the feedback that they are kicking asses for sure!

Unreal Redux will be a new experience to everyone who is stranded on NaPali.